Brigante Cameron Watters & Strong

In the fall of 1995, the accounting firm headed up by Richard J. Brigante and Christopher A. Strong joined forces with John J. Cameron and John P. Watters' firm to form Brigante, Cameron, Watters & Strong, LLP (BCWS), the largest full-service accounting firm in the South Bay.

The four partners brought together over 80 years of collective experience in public accounting --- uniting their strengths and areas of expertise to offer a complete range of high-quality accounting, tax and financial services to clients in almost every industry.

Although we lost Rich Brigante to cancer in December of 1999, his spirit lives on within our firm. His dedication to each client and concern for their well-being and success was an inspiration that remains an integral part of our firm philosophy today.

Forging on into the Millennium, BCWS is sailing strong. We are rapidly expanding but are still devoted to providing the highest quality of professional services and personal attention our clients have come to know and expect from us.

For more than a decade BCWS has remained at the cutting edge of technology. Responding to industry changes with an alacrity bordering on precognitive we have lead the technology efforts for BCWS into such areas as accounting outsourcing, paperless office environment, critical business system collocation and advanced business continuity planning.

The Challenge: With increased reliance on critical business systems, downtime and outages cost the firm time, money and reputation. Develop solutions to keep computer systems up even under the worst disaster conditions.

The Solution: Develop an all encompassing business continuity plan that includes backup plans, collocation of critical business applications at an off-site data center, Internet based backup solutions and off-site backup storage.

The Challenge: Decrease the cost of server equipment while maintaining equal or better performance.

The Solution: Server virtualization decreased the number of physical servers but allowed for greater server expansion across the more cost effective hardware without a loss of speed. The added benefit of load balancing and immediate server recovery in the case of a device failure makes this a first class solution.

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