Holden-Andrew measures its success by customer satisfaction.

With collaborative planning and project management rigor as the underpinning to all engagements, the company emphasizes training, change-cycle management and 24/7 computer systems support.
Erik Melton, President
Holden-Andrew Corporation

Holden-Andrew was incorporated in November 1991 as an outsourced IT support company. It provides: data security, network engineering, technology consulting, Web marketing, and managed computer support services. With principal staff coming from security, finance, and aerospace related sectors, the firm has always maintained network systems security as its foundation.

Security is fast becoming the most demanded service in the IT Industry.
When you engage Holden-Andrew Corporation, you're not only bringing on a company with industry partnerships, but a leader in the Information Security field. We stand firm on our record of network security best practices. So much so that other IT Firms consult with us as the experts in Information Computer Technology Security.