Network Security Detection

The majority of business operators do not realize the frequency their systems are being attacked. If no symptoms are seen, it is assumed that all is well. The reality is that all systems attached to the Internet are attacked on a continuous basis. For that reason it is essential for security measures to be in place and tested. We offer the following two security scans for your utilization. Obtaining a security scan from a network security firm like Holden-Andrew is the first step in determining if your data is at risk and how to fix any problems uncovered. The results of these scans are held in confidence and are for informational purposes for you to remedy the issues we discover. The best way to verify your security is to have a scan performed from outside your network. This is how hackers see your network, and is the most effective way to remedy any potential vulnerability.

Basic Security Scan - $45

Our basic scan will show you all of the open IP Ports on your network. Commonly open ports are found for email, web and remote access use. However many companies have ports open that could be used to compromise their network. These ports may be opened by viruses malicious software, misconfiguration or risky user behavior. Our basic scan will also uncover any potential weak points in your network firewall. This is an automated scan with a report presented to you with lists of open ports, possible security risks and paths to resolution.


Intrusion Testing - $450

A more in depth test to find potential weaknesses in authentication, web and mail services. In addition to the basic security scan, we will also test for commonly exploited weaknesses in your security. This will help uncover not only services that should not be open to the outside world, but weaknesses in the software and configuration of the services that need to communicate outside. A report presented to you with lists of the problems found, possible security risks and recommendations for resolution of the issue.